Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dhanyawad Restaurant - Otawara

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This is the only Indian restaurant in the area. The next nearest one that we know of is in Utsonomiya.

Its just off highway 400 and is quite easy to get to. It would be a bit over 3 km from Nishinasuno station if you were to walk it.

In Japan it can be quite hard for vegetarians. The concept is not very common here. I am quite sure many people in Japanese restaurants have found that in fact there was meat in that dish. So this is a good place if you don't eat meat or want to entertain somebody who doesn't.

The food is North Indian in style. All the traditional food is there. You can get get Nan bread, Lassys, Tandoori, Dahl, Mahkani etc. I didn't see any paneer on the menu. You can get sets for groups if you want to share. And the food is good too. And the prices are low. You should get out of there for less than 2-3000 yen per head I think. I recommend this restaurant.

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Jimbo said...

A friend of mine took me here for the first time about a week before I moved back to The US. It's a shame too, because everything was so delicious and I moved soon after. But I will definitely go back someday!