Sunday, September 2, 2007

Nasu Steakhouse, Nasu, Tochigi

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This is our favourite steakhouse in the area. Until we work out the real name it will have to remain Nasu steakhouse.

Its a good place to have a special lunch on a trip to Nasu.

As far as we can tell the only choice is steak here. The cheapest one is 3000 yen. The most expensive is up in the 20,000 yen range I think (its Otawara beef). We have had the 3000 yen one and more recently the 5000 yen one. I remember thinking the 3000 yen one wasn't a "real steak". The 5000 yen one felt like a "steak" but maybe we have just been in Japan for too long now.

Anyway, the food is great. You get a set meal which includes a tiny plate of roast pork, a bowl of consome soup, a salad, the steak, rice cooked in the steak skillet, ice cream and a coffee. Its all very good. In the 6 months between visits the menu hadn't changed that we noticed. We were asked not to take photos of the food so won't show food shots here. Photos of us eating are OK though, this is Roast Pork.

The dining area is quite small (though they told us there was a second room). So you order in a small waiting room, move to the dining room as the first course is about to arrive and are moved to another room to drink your coffee. But the atmosphere is very nice and they don't hurry you at all.

The service is very friendly

We like this restaurant.

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