Sunday, September 9, 2007

Port Forwarding on YahooBB Modem

A technical article about configuring your YahooBB modem for port forwarding. This blog is certainly not intended to be a technical blog and I am not the best qualified person to write such a thing. But I wish I had found this article before I set out to forward a port from my router to one of my PCs. So it might be useful to somebody else.

I wish I had recorded my entire experience of setting up an Internet connection. But that was in the days before I considered writing a blog. Here is a handy site about YahooBB and getting it set up.

This article is about how to forward a port on your YahooBB router. This article is also not about port forwarding. There are lots of resources and people who can advise on this subject much better than me. So the preliminary section should be regarded as a rough guide written by a novice.

Finally, please note, lots of modern applications don't require port forwarding. Network applications we use at home: Skype, Messenger and Guildwars don't require port forwarding.

Some network applications would like to contact an application on your PC directly <list>. When they send a message to your router it won't know which PC on the network to send that message to. This happens even if there is only one PC on the network. This is frequently a security benefit because it means your PC is not exposed to uninvited incoming communication. This can also be a problem if you want that inbound communication to arrive at your PC.

To allow this communication you can enable port forwarding on your router. Basically this tells the router "when you get an incoming communication on port xxx, forward it to this PC". Don't do this unless you have a good idea what you are doing. A router is an effective security measure and "putting holes in it" is creating security risks. Certainly don't open more ports than you need to and it might well pay to do a bit of a search to see if the application that will be listening on that port has any security issues that should be considered. Also don't forget the target PC should have a static IP address.

My 4-G BB Modem

Redirecting the Port:
So once you know the port you want to forward and the static (fixed) IP address of the computer you want to forward it to you are ready to get started.

My router is a BB Modem 4-G (I know this works for some other models too. Visit the configuration page of your router by opening your browser and going to If that doesn't work then either you are not properly connected to the router or things have changed and your router configuration page is not at that address anymore.

You should be prompted for a username and password. On my router they are "user" and "user". If that doesn't work then things have changed and those are not the username and password anymore.

Click on this button:

Click on this menu item:

Now enter the port range you want to forward. If you only want to enter one port then just enter to and from that port number. Then enter the port number you want to map those ports too (in most cases the same entry as the port range above). Then enter the IP address of the PC you want to forward those ports to. Once you are done go to the bottom of the page and click on "OK".

The procedure might be slightly different depending on the router that you have. But this works for me and has worked for others too.

I'll try to answer any technical questions that pop up here but you might also try the above link to get more minds working on any problems that you might have.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, thanks for your useful article on port forwarding here.
I'm having the problem that I enter the IP address you write above but cannot connect to my router settings. I'm using a YahooBB tripleG Pro (IIRC), and when I enter the IP, it just hangs and does not connect. Any ideas why this is happening? About to throw myself into the gauntlet of YahooBB 'customer service' if you don't know... -_-;

davidfromoz said...

Thanks for posting to the blog. I'm not in Japan at the moment, but will be back next week. I'll write more when I get back.

davidfromoz said...

YahooBB customer service is hit and miss I think. Its Japanese only, but the one time I had to use them (lightning strike broke my modem, and everything else) I got a good English speaker and she really helped me out.

I don't properly understand the problem you are having. Are you trying to forward a port? Or are you just trying to connect to the internet?

If you're trying to forward a port there are a number of things that can go wrong. Most often people have the wrong info about the app they want to use. Or they are using DHCP and their IP address changed.

What application are you trying to use? Whats the static IP address of your PC?

I am back in Japan and will respond much more quickly now.

meimi said...

Thank you so much for this writeup! I just got Yahoo!BB a few months ago, and had searched for a guide like this to no avail. I'd pretty much given up ever being able to solve my port-forwarding issues, and your guide solved all my problems with just a few clicks! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

davidfromoz said...

It drove me crazy when I was trying to do it so I thought this might help somebody. Glad to hear it was a help to you. Thanks for letting me know.

Chí Nhân said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chí Nhân said...

My modem is Trio Modem 3-G, using 8M service package. I has opened some port for web server (80/8080), ftp(25), torrent,..
Torrent and eDonky had right operating, but I cant access the other WEB, FTP,... from outside (I has config a web and ftp server completely).
Seem UPD only can be opened. I dont know whether ISP dont admit for Port open and leave UDP only for IP phone.
Do you have any advise?

davidfromoz said...

They might be blocking some ports. Gimme a day or 2 to do some tests. I'll see if I can get FTP or web traffic working as a server.

Hadasui said...

Great write up! I wasn't sure of my YahooBB! router's ip address, nor the login info and this greatly helped. However, i ran into a slight problem. First, my setup is this:
ADSL Line -> YahooBB Router
YahooBB Router -> Linksys WRT54G Router
WRT54G Router -> 2 PC's ( and 1.101).

When i go to open the ports on the YahooBB router, described on your guide, i get an error box that pops up when clicking ok that says that the ip address i entered is wrong.

Do you happen to know what the problem is? I don't read very much kanji, but i can screenshot it and mail it to you if you like (and if you can translate it, up to you).

i opened up port 3389 for remote desktop as the WAN/LAN first-last ip's in the range, and then put (this pc i'm posting from).

That didn't work, so i tried putting (which is my linksys router's address, internally at least). That hasn't worked either.

I'm thinking two things: Either there's something that i can't read and i messed up on, or there's an 'external' ip address for my Linksys router (ie, internal is 1.1, external might be something given by the YahooBB router to the Linksys). What are your thoughts on this?

By trade i'm a programmer and fledgling SharePoint admin...anything beyond basic networking confuzzles me.

Hadasui said...

you can reach me at if need be.

davidfromoz said...

Sorry to be slow. Winds took out my connection :-(

I had the same setup as you until some time just before this article. I removed my linksys (fried by lightning).

Wouldn't you also have to forward the port through the linksys router? I think if you enter the configuration for the linksys router you can find its uplink address and then forward the port there too.

I think the problem is that the yahoo router can't reach you at because (at least in my config) it serves 192.168.3.x. So it would be necessary to forward the port to your linksys router (guessing and then forward it again to your pc.

The first step, as you say is to identify the upstream ip address of the router (or remove it from the equation).

Sorry if thats kind of vague.

Muramassa said...

Hey man!! im from brazil and i am living in japan, hyogo-ken, and i searching for help to resolve my problem... i have the same moden in the pictures, and i want to conect my another pc... i use a router Buffalo LSW-TX-8NP, and i cant get the internet connection im my secondary PC... Can u Help me PLZ??????
My name is Rodrigo, my e mail is, thanks!!!

Sam, Yuka & little Hannah said...

Have the settings changed? I was able to get into my modem previously, but now I enter and I get nothing. Any words of wisdom?

Sam, Yuka & little Hannah said...

nevermind last post, power cycled my network and got in.

Unknown said...

I got my modem about 2 years from from YahooBB, and I remember ages ago I changed the settings, but now I'm damned if I can remember what I changed my logon and password to (the default doesn't work). Anyone have any ideas as to how I might be able to reset it?

Anonymous said...

Hello// Anyones has a issue that Limit your internet speed at 100kbps?
All my downloads looks limited for 100 ,dunno why,and for example if i do 2 downloads at same time its like file 1 = 30kbps || File 2 = 70kbps....... im using the same YahooBB, Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

If isn't pulling up for you, make sure that you're connected by wire and not trying to connect by wireless. For some models, the username and password is 'ybbuser' and 'ybbuser' without the quotes. good luck!

Unknown said...

Helli Everyone.

I have problems for connection yahoo BB and utorrent program. My status of connection show no. It need a forward port, I try to solve by your procedure. But I can't login, I don't know the User and password. Please help me and suggest me how I do?

Thank you for kindly helps.


Anonymous said...

I had to say thank you.
I got a Yahoo BB conection recently and tried the little I knew about router settings but of course the routers aren't the same from one country to another. So nothing worked. And I so needed to set my routers correctly for my job.
So really, thank you very much.

davidfromoz said...

Glad to hear that the article was of help Chikyu.

cafedreamer said...

I've decided to help people who support democracy and free speech in countries like China and Iran to circumvent their government filtering using a home proxy called Psiphon. I'm living in a Leopalace and have LEONET. Can anyone help me get it working? I think it may require port forwarding but I'm not sure.

davidfromoz said...

The Psiphon guide says that it uses port 443 but that the port can be reconfigured.

Just forward the router port 443 to port 443 on your PC.

cafedreamer said...

Thanks. Actually Leonet doesn't have a router. I think there's one cable coming in for the whole building. I plug straight into the wall.

davidfromoz said...

I'm not an expert on this. But if the IP that a site like reports and the IP that your computer has (command prompt, "ipconfig" under windows) are different then you are behind a router. If you're not able to control the router then you are probably going to have a hard time setting up this service.