Monday, September 10, 2007

Things I want to blog about

I decided to move my blog target list on line. The reason I am doing this is because some people might have some comments on places I want to write about.

Oze - will go there some time before winter
Nikko - still trying to decide if the pics I have are enough or whether I need to go back and get better pictures
Hinoemata - Need to go back and get better pics
Nikko National Park - better do this before winter, climb that mountain by the lake.
Nikko boat trip down the river - at least I know its near Nikko!
Bato - didn't even take any pictures last time
Getting to Nasushiobara from Narita - for my visitors, companies visitors
Tochigi overview - this is important I think. Especially some nice maps which I will probably have to make.
Tochigi events - this is going to be a lot of work to maintain, good starts for resources for this are the nasu concert hall site (in mangled google translator english) and the Motegi Twin Ring Site, it would be cool if I could find a way to access an utsonomiya live music scene calendar. Would love to get in some jazz from time to time.
Ashikaga - vineyard before winter, wisteria/flower park next spring I guess
Onsens - this is a winter activity
Mito - spring for Ume flowering (or do I have enough good pics already?)
Sano outlet mall - Ugh, but it must be in my blog I think.
Mashiko - might wait for a visitor before revisiting
Nasu mountain - before winter
Nasu area attractions - before winter
Shiobara - onsen weekend
Favorite mountain walk - better actually get to the final peak and find out what its called
more walks - do some more walks from our book
Watanabe farms - damn I hope I can find some good pics. wife will kill me if I ask to go back to this very expensive restaurant
Narita - temple, street and that great pizza shop
Drivers license advice - based on the thoroughly unpleasant experience I suspect I am about to have.
The tochigi/neighbouring prefecture shared shrine (better find out the name!)
Community center language lessons
local soba shop
hole in the wall soba shop - do this soon, its a classic!
good restaurant near tachizaki san's place
Local parks - especially the big one
Bato art gallery
Sano outlets
Nasushiobara local guide
Rubbish disposal
Electronics stores
Curtain shop

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