Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shiobara/Nikko in Autumn, Tochigi

The autumn colors are out in force in the mountains now. Mt. Nasu is very beautiful though we've had horrible luck with the weather on two visit. This article is about a driving trip to the Shiobara/Nikko area that starts in Nasushiobara. We did the trip in late October and the colors were beautiful but only in the higher altitudes.


We started out driving Northwest on route 400 up into the Shiobara area. We travelled through this area pretty quickly because we know it well, but if you haven't been here then there is lots to see and do. You might consult our map if you want some ideas.


We drove into Shiobara Town and then took route 19 southwest. We took a short side trip to Swamp Lake (there must be a better translation than this Japanese to Chinese to English one) to check out the autumn colors. That colors around the lake and nearby mountains were just magnificent. There are lots of nice onsens in this area if you want to stay longer, but we kept going.



Return to route 19 and short while later the toll road starts. The views were beautiful the whole way and some of the ski resorts have really beautiful grounds at this time of year. The traffic was heavier than usual weekend traffic but never got slow. The toll road empties out onto highway 121. We headed north through some really lovely country along the side of a river.


Then we joined up with route 400 again now heading Southeast back towards Nasushiobara.

The whole trip took the best part of a day of slow driving with lots of stops.

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owenandbenjamin said...

I know the fall colors in Tochigi and the Nikko area are amazing. I have not seen them at there fullest yet, only at the tail end.

davidfromoz said...

We didn't get up to Nikko town this fall. But thats another really beautiful place. I'm hoping we aren't too late to catch Nasu though. I was really impressed with what I saw last weekend (through the rain).

Yuki said...

Wow very nice view!!
I want to go Shiobara Nikko to see the view.

I also went to Zaou in Yamagata prefecture today.
The fall colors was very good and
it was not busy on the street.
But it is little far.

davidfromoz said...

Thanks for your post Yuki.

Sorry, I have been a lousy blogger lately. So slow to respond. I somehow screwed up my settings and turned off notification. On both my blogs!

Autumn has been great here. Still haven't been to Yamagata yet. Your photos look good, so I had better plan a trip there some time.

I'm thinking it should be good in Nasushiobara this weekend. We're going to go to Bato, Nasunogahara Park and maybe over to Ungangi Temple (which is sure to be beautiful). There's not enough time to visit all the beautiful places here in the few short weeks of autumn leaves.