Saturday, December 15, 2007

Omaru Onsen, Nasu, Tochigi

Map Location

This is right up the top of Nasu. There are so many good onsens in the area and its hard to compare, but this is a very nice onsen.

Yes, that is snow!

The notable thing about this onsen is the very large outdoor baths and the very elegant interior of the building its in. The men's outdoor bath is actually mixed. The women have their own private outdoor pools too. It costs 1000 yen per person to use the onsen so its a bit more expensive than other places. Its well worth the price though.

We liked it so much we book a night there on Christmas Eve at 15000 yen each for 2 people. So we'll have more details later.


xoussef said...

Is life in general expansive in Tochigi area ?

davidfromoz said...

Where we live in Nasushiobara its cheap. This is a very, very nice place to live. Maybe a little quiet, but lots to see and do.

xoussef said...

Thanks for your response! I would love to pay it a visit.. if only i could ^^

davidfromoz said...

Rather interested in Morocco myself :-)

Japan's expensive to visit I think. I bet you could find language work in the region if you wanted to try coming over. I taught English in Taiwan for a short time many years ago. I'm thinking French would be available too.

xoussef said...

I would love to join the JET programme for example, but as a Moroccan I'm not eligible. It's a shame Moroccan-Japanese cooperation level is so low!!
I never thought of applying for a teaching job in Japan! Thanks for the idea. I'm not a native French speaker, so it will be a bit difficult to apply for a French teaching job. If you ever hear anything about a French or Arabic teacher don't hesitate. ;)

Of course, you're welcome anytime in Morocco :)

davidfromoz said...

Every week there is an ad in the paper looking for teachers of different languages. I know English and French are on that list. Not sure if Arabic is on the list or not. I'll check it out, but I can't remember what day its published. I'll post to your blog if I find it.

For me the hardest thing about traveling to a foreign country to live was getting the courage to do it the first time. Now I've been traveling for 15 years to various places and love it.

Your profile says student. May I ask, are you in school or university? What are you studying?

xoussef said...

This is really sweet of you to do. Thank you so much.

I recently graduated. I have a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. I thought of changing my status, but "currently unemployed" or "looking for a job" didn't sound glamorous, so i left it as it was.

Yeah it's rather scary when you think of it. Leaving your country to a place you don't know, a different language, thousands of miles of your people... but you only live once :D
15 years! wow! that's pretty impressive!

Amanda said...

How to go Omaru Onsen from Yuki-Ibraki JR station?Any website can refer? Bathing & lunch charges how much?i just planning budget trip on Feb 2011.