Monday, January 7, 2008

Oouchijuku - Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima

Map Location

This is a historic Japanese village.

Its not far from Aizuwakamatsu. Some people arrived by taxi, I'm guessing from the nearby railway station.

It was just a little bit busy when we were there, but not overly crowded.

At least in winter the houses were mostly pretty closed up to keep the cold out. We'd recommend going into one of the restaurants to eat since they are nicely decorated inside aswell. Perhaps in summer you can see inside more easily.

There is a hill behind the town where you can go to get a view over the town.


tornados28 said...

I visited Ouchijuku in 2006 in the spring -

Wow, that is a ton of snow. How could you even walk along the road in the middle of the village?

davidfromoz said...

There was a lot of snow. But as we were driving up into the mountains whole villages were out cleaning up. By the time we got to Oouchijuku the main street was quite clear.

tornados28 said...

At 6"3", I have learned to be careful to not smack my head when I am in Japan. But I bonked my head pretty good on the wood beams in the restaurant. More embarassing than painful.

My first trip to Japan I hit my head pretty bad several times but on the most recent trip at the beginning of 2007, I did not hit my head.

davidfromoz said...

Haha! The pictures that come to mind of people leading your round and patiently waiting while you bang your head against every low beam you come across :-)

Well thats the good thing about being in foreign cultures. We are always learning!

sanji said...

Very nice pictures of Ouchijuku in winter! I have added a link to this page from the Ouchijuku guide on Secret-Japan ( Would you consider sharing some of your texts on our forum? We have more than 100 guides in English and/or French of all around Japan, but you seem to have really lots of good information on areas around Tochigi-ken...

sanji said...

One more thing : it should be "Aizuwakamatsu" instead of Aizuwakimatsu, in the title.

sanji - forum AT

davidfromoz said...

Hi Sanji,
Thank you! Yes, I'd be happy to share my material with you. So long as you link and credit my site and notify me (david at fromoz).

Your site looks very nice! I'll register and have a poke around tomorrow.

Hopefully, your comment might be the start of a revival of blogging for me. I have lots of good Hokkaido material that needs posting before my memory fades.

Thanks for the correction.