Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gonpachi Restaurant - Tokyo

Remember the Japanese restaurant in the movie Kill Bill? The one where Uma Thurman killed the Crazy 88? It was a bloodbath! The restaurant was a set, but it was modeled after a real restaurant in Tokyo. If you know the movie, I think its recognizable.

Its a party place. I recommend going with a group. We were there on a Friday night and the place was a blast. It was very crowded but we had a reservation. The food was good barfood. The atmosphere was great. Even if you don't like Kill Bill its a pretty cool looking restaurant. If you're a fan of the movie you really should go here.

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owenandbenjamin said...

Does the restaurant have the Japanese female singers playing the guitar like in the movie?

davidfromoz said...

nope :-(

the soul of japan said...

I went here two years ago. Hated the food, but the atmosphere was nice. I was surprised at how many foreigners were working there.

davidfromoz said...

Yes, very international crowd. Not the kind of place I normally like to go. But I'm a big fan of Kill Bill :-)