Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kairaku-en Park, Mito, Ibaraki

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Mito is a seaside town in Ibaraki prefecture. Its just a couple of hours drive from Tochigi. I would imagine its nice to go there at any time of year to sit by the ocean and watch the waves or to eat seafood. But what Mito is most famous for is the plum (Ume) trees in Kairaku-en park. Kairaku-en is thought to be one of the great 3 parks of Japan.

Ume trees flower before cherry blossum and they are paler in color. Frankly, I don't like them as much, but they are still beautiful in their own right. And the gardens are very beautiful. The Ume is great, wonderful views of the whole gardens from the hill, a great bamboo forest and Kobun-tei a reproduction of a warlord's villa. You could easily spend a day looking around here.

More Pics (taken before we had a good camera and before we were into documenting Japan, mostly personal pics)


owenandbenjamin said...

More great pictures. I really love the landscaping of the parks you go to.

davidfromoz said...

This is a great park. I don't think our pictures do it justice. I think the 3 great views etc are probably well worth exploring as tourist destinations.

It golden week here next week. Its going to be busy everywhere. But hopefully we will get in a bit more exploration. Thinking Oze and Sendai.

the soul of japan said...

Kairaku-en is another place I'm eager to visit. I didn't have a chance last year.

davidfromoz said...

Its recommended. Perhaps we'll go back this year too. (now that we are into photography).