Thursday, May 1, 2008

Narita, Chiba Prefecture

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We all know about Narita because its where the airports is. Everybody flies in and out of Narita, but few know that its a nice place to visit. We frequently stop there for the night on our way in or out of Japan or perhaps when we have to go there for a guest visit. The hotel we stay at has a bus to both downtown Narita and the shopping center.

The highlight of Narita is the temple, the gardens surrounding it and the road leading to it. If you come from countryside Tochigi like us there is a movie theatre, shopping and plenty of restaurants.

The road leading to the temple is very pretty. Its lined with little shops and restaurants. It seems to specialize in Unagi (fresh water eel).

The temple and gardens are at the end of the street. You could easily spend 1/2 a day to a day looking around the whole thing.

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tornadoes28 said...

Nice pictures. i visited a temple complex near Narita back in 2004 but I am not sure if it is the one you visited. I remember having to walk through tunnel to get to the temple area from a parking lot.

davidfromoz said...

I'd recommend walking to it along the street next time. Thats my favorite part :-)

If you're flying from the states a night in Narita is a nice way to arrive I think. Its cheap, cuts that horrible last few hours where you're jetlagged and afraid you'll miss the train stop and you get to play in Narita.