Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nasu Garden Outlet - Nasushiobara, Tochigi

Late last year a new outlet mall opened right here in Nasushiobara. Map Location Previously, the closest on to Nasushiobara was the Sano Outlet

I had previously thought this mall was run by the same people who run Sano Outlet. But I now don't think thats the case. Anyway, it fits the American outlet mall format pretty well.

I don't like Nasu Garden Outlet as much as Sano. But it is a decent outlet. The view of the mountains from the mall is really beautiful. The Italian Restaurant is decent.

There is a free bus from Nasushiobara Station and soon they will open a highway exit right next to the mall.

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owenandbenjamin said...

There is an outlet mall east of Los Angeles that is owned by the same company that owns Sano outlet. The picture of the Nasu mall looks nice. Maybe we will try and visit but I am not sure.