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Friday, December 11, 2009

Nasushiobara Clean Centre

Map Location

This is more of an informational post than an interesting one. Its probably only interesting to people who live in this area. Rather a poor post to mark our return to blogging. But, it might save somebody a lot of bother. Also few pictures because Cassandra was afraid of getting into trouble.

If you live in Nasushiobara then you have probably struggled with the rubbish collection system. At first we regularly got our rubbish returned to us because we had put the wrong things out or put the right things out on the wrong day.

Anyway over the years we have collected up lots of stuff that is not accepted by the system. So we set off the for the recycling center to get rid of it. It turned out to be a whole day project because the one right by highway 4 in Nishinasuno (or near there) closed in March 2009 and they put up a rather insufficient map (higher res if you want it)

The new recycling center can be located at the link at the top of the post, though the location might be a bit off. Basically, from Nasushiobara, drive west on route 400, turn north(right) on route 30, cross a large river and turn left, you cant miss it. Its got a big chimney sticking out of it.

When we got there is was indeed a clear center. A nice facility as far as recycling centers go. Pull up at the window and turn off your engine. They'll weigh your car, look at your alien registration card, and have a quick look at the stuff you want to throw out. Then they give you a entry card (which you return when you leave). The lady at the front gate was very nice and very helpful. When we couldn't understand her Japanese she would throw in an English word or 2 to help.

We were throwing out mostly unburnable things so we had to go in, turn right and drive up to the silver door. It opened and in we drove. We stopped inside and another very friendly man came up identified a few things we had to take somewhere else (all burnable I think) and then helped us to put all our things in a pile. Then he changed his mind and took all our burnable things too (Cassandra thinks he liked the look of the clothes I was throwing out).

Reportedly, its very hard to get rid of computers in Japan. The lady at the front told us we couldn't leave a computer and a hard drive we had. But the man happily took them.

Then we drove out, they took back our card, weighed our car, and charged us 400 yen (100 yen per 10 kilograms).

Only in Japan would people working at a rubbish center be so polite friendly and helpful.